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Vision & Business Strategy

Imagine extending the reach of fast, affordable information to every human being on earth today.

Better yet, imagine small, cost effective, powerful satellites able to provide terabit data-rates and exciting new applications for Earth, Deep Space, or even human Space colonies. At Akash, we are creating technologies to make that vision come true. Using pioneering satellite technologies capable of data-rates at 1,000 times faster than those available today, streaming high-definition video, and centimeter-resolution images in visible and infrared, we are working to give every person on earth, and off, affordable and complete access to the world’s information. Learn more…


The Power of Synthetic Diamond

At the core of our RF Power Amplifiers (RFPAs) and small satellites (or CubeSats) is a pioneering new invention: Gallium Nitride (GaN)-on-Diamond wafer technology. In 2003, Akash co-founder, Felix Ejeckam (then at Group4 Labs, Inc.), invented the idea of lifting GaN thin films from its original growth substrate (for example, Silicon) and transferring it to a synthetic CVD diamond substrate [1]. CVD diamond exhibits the highest thermal conductivity known to humans. Learn more…

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